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con•fer /kənˈfɝ/USA pronunciation v., -ferred, -fer•ring.
  1. [no object;
    sometimes: ~ + on + object]
    to discuss something together;
    compare ideas or opinions:We conferred for a moment and returned to the discussion.
  2. [+ object + on + object] to give as a gift, honor, etc., to someone:to confer a degree on a graduate.
con•fer•ral, con•fer•ment,n. [uncountable]
con•fer•rer,n. [countable]See -fer-.
See consult.

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confer /kənˈfɜː/ vb ( -fers, -ferring, -ferred)
  1. (tr; followed by on or upon) to grant or bestow (an honour, gift, etc)
  2. (intransitive) to hold or take part in a conference or consult together
Etymology: 16th Century: from Latin conferre to gather together, compare, from com- together + ferre to bring

conˈferment, conˈferral n conˈferrable adj

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