For the noun: copula
Plural form: copulas, copulae

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cop•u•la /ˈkɑpyələ/USA pronunciation n. [countable],pl. -las, -lae
    /-ˌli/.USA pronunciation
    Grammara verb, such as be, seem, or look, that serves as a connecting link or establishes an identity between a subject and a complement (a noun or adjective that comes next):In the sentence John is a student, the word is functions as a copula because it establishes an identity between John and student.Also called linking verb. 

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copula /ˈkɒpjʊlə/ n ( pl -las, -lae / -ˌliː/)
  1. a verb, such as be, seem, or taste, that is used merely to identify or link the subject with the complement of a sentence. Copulas may serve to link nouns (or pronouns), as in he became king, nouns (or pronouns) and adjectival complements, as in sugar tastes sweet, or nouns (or pronouns) and adverbial complements, as in John is in jail
  2. anything that serves as a link
Etymology: 17th Century: from Latin: bond, connection, from co- together + apere to fasten

ˈcopular adj

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