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corn1 /kɔrn/USA pronunciation   n. 
  1. Plant Biology[uncountable]Also called Indian corn ;
    esp. technical and Brit., maize.
    • Plant Biologya tall cereal plant having a solid stem and kernels growing on large ears.
    • Plant Biologythe kernels of this plant, used for food.
    • the ears of this plant.
  2. Plant Biology[uncountable]
    • the edible seed of certain other cereal plants, esp. wheat in England and oats in Scotland.
    • Plant Biologythe plants themselves.
  3. Plant Biology sweet corn.
  4. a single grain of certain plants, as pepper, wheat, etc.:[countable]She ground up a few corns of pepper for flavoring.
  5. Informal Terms[uncountable] Informal. old-fashioned, boring, or overly sentimental material, as a joke, story, or piece of music.

v. [+ object]
  1. Foodto preserve, season, or cook (food) with salty water:Dad corned his own beef.
corned, adj.: corned beef and cabbage.

corn2 /kɔrn/USA pronunciation   n. [countable]
  1. Pathologya hard, horny growth of skin tissue formed over a bone, esp. on the toes, as a result of pressure or friction.

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corn1  (kôrn),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Plant BiologyAlso called  Indian corn;
     esp. technical and Brit.,maize. a tall cereal plant, Zea mays, cultivated in many varieties, having a jointed, solid stem and bearing the grain, seeds, or kernels on large ears.
  2. Plant Biologythe grain, seeds, or kernels of this plant, used for human food or for fodder.
  3. Plant Biologythe ears of this plant.
  4. Plant Biologythe edible seed of certain other cereal plants, esp. wheat in England and oats in Scotland.
  5. Plant Biologythe plants themselves.
  6. Plant Biologysweet corn.
  7. WineSee  corn whiskey. 
  8. Sport[Skiing.]See  corn snow. 
  9. Informal Termsold-fashioned, trite, or mawkishly sentimental material, as a joke, a story, or music.

  1. Foodto preserve and season with salt in grains.
  2. Foodto preserve and season with brine.
  3. to granulate, as gunpowder.
  4. Agricultureto plant (land) with corn.
  5. to feed with corn.
  • bef. 900; Middle English, Old English; cognate with Dutch koren, Old Norse korn, German Korn, Gothic kaúrn; akin to Latin grānum grain, Russian zernó

corn2  (kôrn),USA pronunciation n. [Pathol.]
  1. Pathologya horny induration or callosity of the epidermis, usually with a central core, formed esp. on the toes or feet and caused by undue pressure or friction.
  • Latin cornū horn, hence a horny hardening of the cuticle. See cornu
  • Anglo-French, Middle French
  • late Middle English corne 1375–1425

  • a combining form meaning "having a horn,'' of the kind specified by the initial element:longicorn.
    • representing Latin -cornis horned

    1. Cornish.
    2. Place NamesCornwall.

    Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

    corn /kɔːn/ n
    1. Brit any of various cereal plants, esp the predominant crop of a region, such as wheat in England and oats in Scotland and Ireland
    2. the seeds of such plants, esp after harvesting
    3. a single seed of such plants; a grain
    4. Also called: Indian corn
      British equivalent: maize
    5. slang an idea, song, etc, regarded as banal or sentimental
    vb (transitive)
    1. to feed (animals) with corn, esp oats
    2. to preserve in brine
    3. to salt
    Etymology: Old English corn; related to Old Norse, Old High German corn, Gothic kaúrn, Latin grānum, Sanskrit jīrná fragile
    corn /kɔːn/ n
    1. a hardening or thickening of the skin around a central point in the foot, caused by pressure or friction
    2. tread on someone's cornsBrit informal to offend or hurt someone by touching on a sensitive subject or encroaching on his privileges
    Etymology: 15th Century: from Old French corne horn, from Latin cornū

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