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counter effect

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counter /ˈkaʊntə/ n
  1. a horizontal surface, as in a shop or bank, over which business is transacted
  2. (in some cafeterias) a long table on which food is served to customers
  3. a small flat disc of wood, metal, or plastic, used in various board games
  4. a similar disc or token used as an imitation coin
  5. a person or thing that may be used or manipulated
  6. a skating figure consisting of three circles
  7. under the counter ⇒ (under-the-counter when prenominal) (of the sale of goods, esp goods in short supply) clandestine, surreptitious, or illegal; not in an open manner
  8. over the counter ⇒ (over-the-counter when prenominal) (of security transactions) through a broker rather than on a stock exchange
Etymology: 14th Century: from Old French comptouer, ultimately from Latin computāre to compute
counter /ˈkaʊntə/ adv
  1. in a contrary direction or manner
  2. in a wrong or reverse direction
  3. run counter toto have a contrary effect or action to
  1. opposing; opposite; contrary
  1. something that is contrary or opposite to some other thing
  2. an act, effect, or force that opposes another
  3. a return attack, such as a blow in boxing
  4. a parry in which the foils move in a circular fashion
  5. the portion of the stern of a boat or ship that overhangs the water aft of the rudder
  6. a piece of leather forming the back of a shoe
  1. to say or do (something) in retaliation or response
  2. (transitive) to move, act, or perform in a manner or direction opposite to (a person or thing)
  3. to return the attack of (an opponent)
Etymology: 15th Century: from Old French contre, from Latin contrā against
counter /ˈkaʊntə/ n
  1. a person who counts
  2. an apparatus that records the number of occurrences of events
Etymology: 14th Century: from Old French conteor, from Latin computātor; see count1

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