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cream /krim/USA pronunciation   n. 
  1. Food the fatty, smooth, thick part of milk:[uncountable]I'll take cream and sugar in my coffee, please.
  2. Clothing a substance like this, containing medicine or other ingredients, applied to the skin:[uncountable]some first-aid cream for a rash.
  3. Food any of various foods made with cream or milk or that are thick and smooth like cream:[uncountable]cream of mushroom soup; Bavarian cream.
  4. the best part of anything:[countable]the cream of society.
  5. [uncountable] a yellowish white color.

v. [+ object]
  1. Foodto mix (butter and sugar, etc.) to a smooth, creamy mass:Cream the mixture thoroughly.
  2. to take the best part of:[~ (+ off) + object]The defense ministry creamed (off) the brightest engineers.
  3. Slang TermsSlang.
    • to beat up;
      hit or strike badly:The gang creamed a few victims.
    • to win decisively over:We creamed the Giants by a score of 50-0.

  1. of the color cream;

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cream  (krēm),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Foodthe fatty part of milk, which rises to the surface when the liquid is allowed to stand unless homogenized.
  2. Clothinga soft solid or thick liquid containing medicaments or other specific ingredients, applied externally for a prophylactic, therapeutic, or cosmetic purpose.
  3. FoodUsually,  creams. a soft-centered confection of fondant or fudge coated with chocolate.
  4. Fooda purée or soup containing cream or milk:cream of tomato soup.
  5. the best part of anything:the cream of society.
  6. a yellowish white;
    light tint of yellow or buff.
  7. Idiomscream of the crop, the best or choicest:a college that accepts only students who are the cream of the crop.

  1. to form cream.
  2. to froth;
  3. Informal Termsto advance or favor only the wealthiest, most skilled or talented, etc., esp. so as to reap the benefits oneself:Management is creaming by advancing only the most productive workers.
  4. Also,  cream one's jeans. Slang (vulgar).
    • to have an orgasm, esp. to ejaculate or experience glandular lubrication of the vagina.
    • to be overcome, as in rapturous admiration or delight.

  1. Foodto work (butter and sugar, or the like) to a smooth, creamy mass.
  2. Foodto prepare (chicken, oysters, vegetables, etc.) with cream, milk, or a cream sauce.
  3. Foodto allow (milk) to form cream.
  4. Foodto skim (milk).
  5. Foodto separate as cream.
  6. to take the cream or best part of.
  7. Clothingto use a cosmetic cream on.
  8. to add cream to (tea, coffee, etc.).
  9. Slang Terms
    • to beat or damage severely;
    • to defeat decisively.
    • to accomplish, esp. to pass (a test or course), with great ease and success:She creamed the math test, getting the highest grade in the class.

  1. of the color cream;
  • Late Latin chrīsma chrism
  • Anglo-French, Old French cresme
  • Middle English creme 1300–50

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cream /kriːm/ n
  1. the fatty part of milk, which rises to the top if the milk is allowed to stand
  2. (as modifier): cream buns
  3. anything resembling cream in consistency: shoe cream, beauty cream
  4. the best one or most essential part of something; pick: the cream of the bunch, the cream of the joke
  5. a soup containing cream or milk: cream of chicken soup
  6. any of various dishes, cakes, biscuits, etc, resembling or containing cream
  7. a confection made of fondant or soft fudge, often covered in chocolate
  8. cream sherrya full-bodied sweet sherry
  9. a yellowish-white colour
  10. (as adjective): cream wallpaper
  1. (transitive) to skim or otherwise separate the cream from (milk)
  2. (transitive) to beat (foodstuffs, esp butter and sugar) to a light creamy consistency
  3. (intransitive) to form cream
  4. (transitive) to add or apply cream or any creamlike substance to: to cream one's face, to cream coffee
  5. (transitive) sometimes followed by off: to take away the best part of
  6. (transitive) to prepare or cook (vegetables, chicken, etc) with cream or milk
  7. to allow (milk) to form a layer of cream on its surface or (of milk) to form such a layer
  8. (transitive) slang chiefly US Canadian Austral to beat thoroughly
  9. (intransitive) slang (of a man) to ejaculate during orgasm
Etymology: 14th Century: from Old French cresme, from Late Latin crāmum cream, of Celtic origin; influenced by Church Latin chrisma unction, chrism

ˈcreamˌlike adj

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