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cream /krim/USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Food[uncountable] the fatty, smooth, thick part of milk:I'll take cream and sugar in my coffee, please.
  2. Clothing[uncountable] a substance like this, containing medicine or other ingredients, applied to the skin:some first-aid cream for a rash.
  3. Food[uncountable] any of various foods made with cream or milk or that are thick and smooth like cream:cream of mushroom soup; Bavarian cream.
  4. [countable] the best part of anything:the cream of society.
  5. [uncountable] a yellowish white color.

v. [+ object]
  • Foodto mix (butter and sugar, etc.) to a smooth, creamy mass:Cream the mixture thoroughly.
  • [~ ( + off) + object] to take the best part of:The defense ministry creamed (off) the brightest engineers.
  • Slang.
    • to beat up; hit or strike badly:The gang creamed a few victims.
    • to win decisively over:We creamed the Giants by a score of 50-0.

  • of the color cream;

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    cream /kriːm/ n
    1. the fatty part of milk, which rises to the top if the milk is allowed to stand
    2. (as modifier): cream buns
    3. anything resembling cream in consistency: shoe cream, beauty cream
    4. the best one or most essential part of something; pick: the cream of the bunch, the cream of the joke
    5. a soup containing cream or milk: cream of chicken soup
    6. any of various dishes, cakes, biscuits, etc, resembling or containing cream
    7. a confection made of fondant or soft fudge, often covered in chocolate
    8. cream sherrya full-bodied sweet sherry
    9. a yellowish-white colour
    10. (as adjective): cream wallpaper
    1. (transitive) to skim or otherwise separate the cream from (milk)
    2. (transitive) to beat (foodstuffs, esp butter and sugar) to a light creamy consistency
    3. (intransitive) to form cream
    4. (transitive) to add or apply cream or any creamlike substance to: to cream one's face, to cream coffee
    5. (transitive) sometimes followed by off: to take away the best part of
    6. (transitive) to prepare or cook (vegetables, chicken, etc) with cream or milk
    7. to allow (milk) to form a layer of cream on its surface or (of milk) to form such a layer
    8. (transitive) slang chiefly US Canadian Austral to beat thoroughly
    9. (intransitive) slang (of a man) to ejaculate during orgasm
    Etymology: 14th Century: from Old French cresme, from Late Latin crāmum cream, of Celtic origin; influenced by Church Latin chrisma unction, chrism

    ˈcreamˌlike adj

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