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crop /krɑp/USA pronunciation   n., v.,  cropped, crop•ping. 
n. [countable]
  1. Agriculturethe plant, or the product of a plant, produced while growing or when gathered:the wheat crop.
  2. Agriculturethe yield of such produce grown in one season;
    harvest:The winter wheat crop was the largest in years.
  3. the yield of any product in a season:the maple syrup crop.
  4. a group of persons or things appearing or occurring together: the new crop of freshmen.
  5. Anatomy, ZoologyAlso called craw. a pouch in the food passage of many birds, in which food is held for later digestion.
  6. Clothinga close cutting of something, such as the hair:a short crop of hair.

  1. to cut or bite off the top of (a plant, etc.):[+ object]sheep cropping the grass.
  2. to cut off the ends or a part of:[+ object]to crop the ears of a dog.
  3. to cut short:[+ object]to crop the hair.
  4. Photography[+ object] to trim (a photographic print or negative).
  5. crop up, [no object] to appear, esp. suddenly:As soon as we deal with one emergency, another crops up.

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crop  (krop),USA pronunciation n., v.,  cropped  or (Archaic) cropt;

  1. Agriculturethe cultivated produce of the ground, while growing or when gathered:the wheat crop.
  2. Agriculturethe yield of such produce for a particular season.
  3. the yield of some other product in a season:the crop of diamonds.
  4. a supply produced.
  5. a collection or group of persons or things appearing or occurring together:this year's crop of students.
  6. the stock or handle of a whip.
  7. Also called  riding crop. a short riding whip consisting of a stock without a lash.
  8. Anatomy, ZoologyAlso called  craw. [Zool.]
    • a pouch in the esophagus of many birds, in which food is held for later digestion or for regurgitation to nestlings.
    • a chamber or pouch in the foregut of arthropods and annelids for holding and partly crushing food.
  9. the act of cropping.
  10. a mark produced by clipping the ears, as of cattle.
  11. Clothinga close-cropped hair style.
  12. a head of hair so cut.
  13. an entire tanned hide of an animal.
  14. Miningan outcrop of a vein or seam.

  1. to cut off or remove the head or top of (a plant, grass, etc.).
  2. to cut off the ends or a part of:to crop the ears of a dog.
  3. to cut short.
  4. to clip the ears, hair, etc., of.
  5. Photographyto cut off or mask the unwanted parts of (a print or negative).
  6. to cause to bear a crop or crops.
  7. to graze off (the tops of plants, grass, etc.):The sheep cropped the lawn.

  1. to bear or yield a crop or crops.
  2. Animal Husbandryto feed by cropping or grazing.
  3. crop out: 
    • Geologyto rise to the surface of the ground:Veins of quartz crop out in the canyon walls.
    • to become evident or visible;
      occur:A few cases of smallpox still crop out every now and then.
  4. crop up, to appear, esp. suddenly or unexpectedly:A new problem cropped up.
cropless, adj. 
  • bef. 900; Middle English, Old English: sprout, ear of corn, paunch, crown of a tree; cognate with German Kropf; see croup2
    • 1.See corresponding entry in Unabridged Crop, harvest, produce, yield refer to the return in food obtained from land at the end of a season of growth.
      Crop, the term common in agricultural and commercial use, denotes the amount produced at one cutting or for one particular season:the potato crop.Harvest denotes either the time of reaping and gathering, or the gathering, or that which is gathered:the season of harvest;
      to work in a harvest;
      a ripe harvest.
      Produce esp. denotes household vegetables:Produce from the fields and gardens was taken to market.Yield emphasizes what is given by the land in return for expenditure of time and labor:There was a heavy yield of grain this year.

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crop up vb
  1. (intr, adverb) informal to occur or appear, esp unexpectedly

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