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cross-fer•ti•li•za•tion  (krôsfûr′tl ə zāshən, kros-), 
  1. Genetics[Biol.]the fertilization of an organism by the fusion of an egg from one individual with a sperm or male gamete from a different individual.
  2. Botany[Bot.]fertilization of the flower of one plant by a gamete from the flower of a closely related plant (opposed to self-fertilization).
  3. (not in technical use) cross-pollination.
  4. interaction or interchange, as between two or more cultures, fields of activity or knowledge, or the like, that is mutually beneficial and productive:a cross-fertilization of scientific and technical disciplines.

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cross-fertilization n
  1. fertilization by the fusion of male and female gametes from different individuals of the same species

ˌcross-ˈfertile adj

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