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crude /krud/USA pronunciation adj., crud•er, crud•est,n. 
adj.  in a raw or unrefined state:crude sugar; crude oil. showing a lack of polish or skill;
undeveloped:a crude shelter; a crude drawing.
lacking culture, refinement, etc.;
vulgar:crude behavior.

n. [uncountable] Chemistry crude oil. crude•ly,adv. 
crude•ness,n. [uncountable]

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crude /kruːd/ adj
  1. lacking taste, tact, or refinement; vulgar: a crude joke
  2. in a natural or unrefined state
  3. lacking care, knowledge, or skill: a crude sketch
  4. (prenominal) stark; blunt
  1. short for crude oil
Etymology: 14th Century: from Latin crūdus bloody, raw; related to Latin cruor blood

ˈcrudely adv ˈcrudity, ˈcrudeness n

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