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crum•ple /ˈkrʌmpəl/USA pronunciation v., -pled, -pling.
  1. to (cause to) shrivel into small wrinkles or into a small, compact mass: [+ object]I crumpled the note in my hand.[+ up + object]She crumpled up the note.[+ object + up]She crumpled it up.[no object]The front of the car had crumpled from the impact.
  2. to (cause to) give way suddenly; (cause to) collapse: [no object]The stairway crumpled under his weight.[+ object]The explosion crumpled the building in seconds.

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crumple /ˈkrʌmpəl/ vb
  1. when intr, often followed by up: to collapse or cause to collapse
  2. when tr, often followed by up: to crush or cause to be crushed so as to form wrinkles or creases
  1. a loose crease or wrinkle
Etymology: 16th Century: from obsolete crump to bend; related to Old High German krimpfan to wrinkle, Old Norse kreppa to contract

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