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cur•few /ˈkɝfyu/USA pronunciation n. [countable]
  1. an order establishing a time after which certain regulations apply, esp. that no unauthorized persons may be outdoors or that places of public assembly must be closed:The army imposed a curfew on certain days and all evenings.
  2. a regulation requiring a person to be home at a stated time, such as one imposed by a parent on a child:Parents should establish a curfew and make sure it is obeyed.
  3. the time at which a curfew starts:must get home before my curfew.
  4. the period during which a curfew is in effect:I was out during the curfew.

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curfew /ˈkɜːfjuː/ n
  1. an official regulation setting restrictions on movement, esp after a specific time at night
  2. the time set as a deadline by such a regulation
  3. (in medieval Europe) the ringing of a bell to prompt people to extinguish fires and lights
  4. the time at which the curfew bell was rung
  5. the bell itself
Etymology: 13th Century: from Old French cuevrefeu, literally: cover the fire

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