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current liabilities

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WordReference Random House Learner's Dictionary of American English © 2016
cur•rent /ˈkɜrənt, ˈkʌr-/USA pronunciation   adj. 
  1. belonging to the time passing;
    present[before a noun]the current rate of inflation.
  2. generally or commonly used or accepted; prevalent:current usage in English.
  3. most recent;
    most up-to-date:current events.
  4. publicly or commonly reported or known:a rumor current among insiders.

n. [countable]
  1. a portion of a large body of water or mass of air that moves in a certain direction:The raft was swept into the current and carried out to sea.
  2. Electricitythe movement or flow of electric charge, measured in amperes:The current was switched off so that the train crews could walk safely on the tracks.
  3. a general tendency, course, or trend, as of thinking or ideas:a current of unrest among the students.
cur•rent•ly,adv.: This style is currently in fashion.See -cur-.

WordReference Random House Unabridged Dictionary of American English © 2016
cur•rent  (kûrənt, kur-), 
  1. passing in time;
    belonging to the time actually passing:the current month.
  2. prevalent; customary:the current practice.
  3. popular;
    in vogue:current fashions.
  4. new; present;
    most recent:the current issue of a publication.
  5. publicly reported or known:a rumor that is current.
  6. passing from one to another; circulating, as a coin.
  7. [Archaic.]running;
  8. [Obs.]genuine;

  1. a flowing;
    flow, as of a river.
  2. something that flows, as a stream.
  3. a large portion of air, large body of water, etc., moving in a certain direction.
  4. the speed at which such flow moves;
    velocity of flow.
  5. Electricity[Elect.]See electric current. 
  6. a course, as of time or events;
    the main course;
    the general tendency.
  • Latin as above; see -ent
  • Anglo-French
  • Latin current- (stem of currēns) running (present participle of currere); replacing Middle English curraunt
  • 1250–1300
current•ly, adv. 
2 . common, widespread, popular, rife. Current, present, prevailing, prevalent refer to something generally or commonly in use. That which is current is in general circulation or a matter of common knowledge or acceptance:current usage in English.Present refers to that which is in use now;
it always has the sense of time:present customs.That which is prevailing is that which has superseded others:prevailing fashion.That which is prevalent exists or is spread widely:a prevalent idea. 3 . stylish, fashionable, modish. 10 . See stream. 
2 . obsolete. 3 . old-fashioned.

Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

current /ˈkʌrənt/ adj
  1. of the immediate present; in progress
  2. most recent; up-to-date
  3. commonly known, practised, or accepted; widespread
  4. circulating and valid at present: current coins
  1. (esp of water or air) a steady usually natural flow
  2. a mass of air, body of water, etc, that has a steady flow in a particular direction
  3. the rate of flow of such a mass

  4. Also called: electric current a flow of electric charge through a conductor
  5. the rate of flow of this charge. It is measured in amperes
  6. a general trend or drift: currents of opinion
Etymology: 13th Century: from Old French corant, literally: running, from corre to run, from Latin currere

ˈcurrently adv ˈcurrentness n

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