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dal•ly /ˈdæli/USA pronunciation v. [no obj],-lied, -ly•ing.
  1. to waste time; delay:Come straight home and don't dally.
  2. to act playfully coy with; flirt:dallied with every handsome man.
dal•li•ance /ˈdæliəns/USA pronunciationn. [uncountable]
dal•li•er, n. [countable]

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dally /ˈdælɪ/ vb ( -lies, -lying, -lied)(intransitive)
  1. to waste time idly; dawdle
  2. (usually followed by with) to deal frivolously or lightly with; trifle; toy: to dally with someone's affections
Etymology: 14th Century: from Anglo-French dalier to gossip, of uncertain origin

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