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darn1 /dɑrn/USA pronunciation v. [ + obj]
  1. Clothingto sew and mend with rows of stitches, sometimes by crossing and weaving rows in and out.

n. [countable]
  • a place or area that has been darned.
  • darn•er, n. [countable]

    darn2 /dɑrn/USA pronunciationadj. 
  • Informal TermsAlso,darned. damneddamned[before a noun]:It's a darn shame.

  • adv. 
  • damned:You're darn right I'm angry.

  • v. [ + obj]
  • Informal Termsto curse; damn:Darn that pesky fly!

  • Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

    darn /dɑːn/ vb
    1. to mend (a hole or a garment) with a series of crossing or interwoven stitches
    1. a patch of darned work on a garment
    Etymology: 16th Century: probably from French (Channel Islands dialect) darner; compare Welsh, Breton darn piece

    ˈdarner n ˈdarning n
    darn /dɑːn/ interj , adj , adv , n
    1. a euphemistic word for damndamndamndamn, damn

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