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date /deɪt/ n
  1. a specified day of the month: today's date is October 27
  2. the particular day or year of an event: the date of the Norman Conquest was 1066
  3. an inscription on a coin, letter, etc, stating when it was made or written
  4. an appointment for a particular time, esp with a person to whom one is sexually or romantically attached: she has a dinner date
  5. the person with whom the appointment is made
  1. (transitive) to mark (a letter, coin, etc) with the day, month, or year
  2. (transitive) to assign a date of occurrence or creation to
  3. (intr; followed by from or back to) to have originated (at a specified time): his decline dates from last summer
  4. (transitive) to reveal the age of: that dress dates her
  5. to make or become old-fashioned: some good films hardly date at all
  6. informal chiefly US Canadian to be a boyfriend or girlfriend of (someone of the opposite sex)
  7. to accompany (a member of the opposite sex) on a date
Etymology: 14th Century: from Old French, from Latin dare to give, as in the phrase epistula data Romae letter handed over at Rome

ˈdatable, ˈdateable adj USAGE

date /deɪt/ n
  1. the fruit of the date palm, having sweet edible flesh and a single large woody seed
  2. short for date palm
Etymology: 13th Century: from Old French, from Latin, from Greek daktulos finger

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