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def2 /dɛf/USA pronunciation  adj. 
  • [Slang.]excellent:That hip-hop record is def!

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    def  (def ),USA pronunciation adv. [Informal.]
    1. Informal Termsdefinitely:Going to Europe this summer? But def!
    • by shortening

    def1  (def),USA pronunciation adj. 
  • Slang Termsexcellent:That hip-hop record is def!
    • of uncertain origin, originally 1980–85, American.

    1. defective.
    2. defendant.
    3. defense.
    4. deferred.
    5. defined.
    6. definite.
    7. definition.

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    def /dɛf/ adj
    1. slang very good, esp of hip-hop
    Etymology: 20th Century: perhaps from definitive

    def. abbreviation for
    1. definition

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