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de•flect /dɪˈflɛkt/USA pronunciation   v. 
  1. to bend or turn aside: [no obj]:The shot deflected into the net past the goalie.[ + obj ]:He deflected the shot past the goalie.
  2. [ + obj] to divert; turn aside and reduce the harm of:He managed to deflect criticism onto someone else.
de•flec•tion /dɪˈflɛkʃən/USA pronunciation  n. [uncountable]deflection of any criticism that came his way.[countable]scored on several deflections past the goalie.
de•flec•tor, n. [countable]See -flect-.

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de•flect  (di flekt),USA pronunciation v.t., v.i. 
  1. to bend or turn aside;
    turn from a true course or straight line;
de•flecta•ble, adj. 
de•flector, n. 
  • Latin dēflectere to bend down, turn aside, equivalent. to dē- de- + flectere to bend, turn
  • 1545–55

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deflect /dɪˈflɛkt/ vb
  1. to turn or cause to turn aside from a course; swerve
Etymology: 17th Century: from Latin dēflectere, from flectere to bend

deˈflector n

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