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demi-, prefix. 
  • demi- comes from French, where it has the meaning "half.'' This meaning is found in such words as: demigod, demitasse.

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  • a combining form appearing in loanwords from French meaning "half '' (demilune), "lesser'' (demitasse), or sometimes used with a pejorative sense (demimonde);
    on this model, also prefixed to words of English origin (demigod).
    • Vulgar Latin *dīmedius, for Latin dīmidius half, equivalent. to dī- di-2 + medius middle
    • French, combining form representing demi (adjective, adjectival; also noun, nominal and adverb, adverbial)

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    demi- prefix
    1. half: demirelief
    2. of less than full size, status, or rank: demigod
    Etymology: via French from Medieval Latin dīmedius, from Latin dīmīdius half, from dis- apart + medius middle

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