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dense /dɛns/USA pronunciation   adj.,  dens•er, dens•est. 
  1. having parts closely packed together;
    crowded:a dense forest.
  2. stupid;
  3. thick;
    difficult to see through:a very dense fog.
  4. difficult to understand:dense writing.
dense•ly, adv. 
dense•ness, n. [uncountable]

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dense  (dens),USA pronunciation adj.,  dens•er, dens•est. 
  1. having the component parts closely compacted together;
    crowded or compact:a dense forest; dense population.
  2. stupid;
  3. intense;
    extreme:dense ignorance.
  4. Photographyrelatively opaque;
    transmitting little light, as a photographic negative, optical glass, or color.
  5. difficult to understand or follow because of being closely packed with ideas or complexities of style:a dense philosophical essay.
  6. Mathematicsof or pertaining to a subset of a topological space in which every neighborhood of every point in the space contains at least one point of the subset.
densely, adv. 
denseness, n. 
  • Latin dēnsus thick; cognate with Greek dasýs
  • 1590–1600
    • 1.See corresponding entry in Unabridged congested, crammed, teeming;

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dense /dɛns/ adj
  1. thickly crowded or closely set: a dense crowd
  2. thick; impenetrable
  3. having a high density
  4. stupid; dull; obtuse
  5. (of a photographic negative) having many dark or exposed areas
Etymology: 15th Century: from Latin densus thick; related to Greek dasus thickly covered with hair or leaves

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