For the noun: diagnosis
Plural form: diagnoses

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di•ag•no•sis /ˌdaɪəgˈnoʊsɪs/USA pronunciation   n., pl.  -ses /-siz/.USA pronunciation  
  1. Medicine
    • the act or process of diagnosing: [uncountable]Dad was in for diagnosis.[countable]A diagnosis would require a full-day examination.
    • [countable] the decision reached from diagnosing:The doctor announced her diagnosis: cancer.
  2. an analysis of the cause or nature of a problem: [countable]a careful diagnosis of our problems in the sales department.[uncountable]careful diagnosis of the problems in our schools.
di•ag•nos•tic /ˌdaɪægˈnɑstɪk/USA pronunciation  adj. 
di•ag•nos•ti•cian /ˌdaɪægnɑˈstɪʃən/USA pronunciation  n. [countable]See -gnos-.

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di•ag•no•sis  (dī′əg nōsis),USA pronunciation n., pl.  -ses (-sēz).USA pronunciation 
  1. Medicine
    • the process of determining by examination the nature and circumstances of a diseased condition.
    • the decision reached from such an examination. Abbr.: Dx
  2. Biologyscientific determination;
    a description that classifies a group or taxon precisely.
  3. a determining or analysis of the cause or nature of a problem or situation.
  4. an answer or solution to a problematic situation.
  • Greek diágnōsis a distinguishing. See dia-, -gnosis
  • Neo-Latin
  • 1675–85

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diagnosis /ˌdaɪəɡˈnəʊsɪs/ n ( pl -ses / -siːz/)
  1. the identification of diseases by the examination of symptoms and signs and by other investigations
  2. an opinion or conclusion so reached
  3. thorough analysis of facts or problems in order to gain understanding and aid future planning
  4. an opinion or conclusion reached through such analysis
Etymology: 17th Century: New Latin, from Greek: a distinguishing, from diagignōskein to distinguish, from gignōskein to perceive, know

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