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dirt•y /ˈdɝti/USA pronunciation adj., -i•er, -i•est,v., -ied, -y•ing,adv. 

  • soiled with dirt:had to wash his dirty hands.
  • spreading dirt; soiling:dirty smoke.
  • vile; mean;
    deserving contempt:a dirty scoundrel.
  • obscene;
    lewd:a dirty joke; dirty pictures.
  • undesirable or unpleasant;
    disagreeable:You left the dirty work for me.
  • very unfortunate or regrettable:a dirty shame!
  • not fair or sportsmanlike; dishonest;
    dishonorable:a dirty fighter.
  • hostile or resentful:to give someone a dirty look.
  • Militarynot bright or clear; somewhat dull:dirty blond hair.
  • Informal Termsreceived through illegal means:dirty money from organized crime.

  • v. 
  • to make or become dirty: [+ object]Try not to dirty your new white shoes.[no object]Those white socks dirty easily.

  • adv. 
  • Informal Terms[Informal.]in a mean or underhand way:The other high school football team played dirty.
  • [Informal.]in a lewd manner:to talk dirty.
  • dirt•i•ly /ˈdɝtəli/USA pronunciationadv. 
    dirt•i•ness, n. [uncountable]

    Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

    dirty /ˈdɜːtɪ/ adj (dirtier, dirtiest)
    1. covered or marked with dirt; filthy
    2. obscene; salacious: dirty books
    3. sexually clandestine: a dirty weekend
    4. causing one to become grimy: a dirty job
    5. (of a colour) not clear and bright; impure
    6. unfair; dishonest; unscrupulous; unsporting
    7. mean; nasty: a dirty cheat
    8. scandalous; unkind
    9. revealing dislike or anger
    10. (of weather) rainy or squally; stormy
    11. dirty lineninformal intimate secrets, esp those that might give rise to gossip
    12. dirty workunpleasant or illicit activity
    13. do the dirty onBrit informal to behave meanly or unkindly towards
    vb (dirties, dirtying, dirtied)
    1. to make or become dirty; stain; soil

    ˈdirtily adv ˈdirtiness n

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