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dis•clo•sure /dɪˈskloʊʒɚ/USA pronunciation   n. 
  1. [uncountable] the act of disclosing:calling for full disclosure of the facts of the case.
  2. something revealed:[countable]a damaging disclosure about the candidate's past.
See -clos-.
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dis•clo•sure  (di sklōzhər),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. the act or an instance of disclosing;
  2. that which is disclosed;
    a revelation.
  3. Law[Patent Law.](in a patent application) the descriptive information imparted by the specification claims, drawings, and models submitted.
  • disclose + -ure 1590–1600

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disclosure /dɪsˈkləʊʒə/ n
  1. something that is disclosed
  2. the act of disclosing; revelation

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