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di•ver•ti•men•to  (di vûr′tə mentō;[It.]dē ver′tē mentô), 
n., pl. -tos, -ti(-tē). 

    Music and Dancean instrumental composition in several movements, light and diverting in character, similar to a serenade. Also called divertissement. 
  • Italian, equivalent. to diverti(re) to divert + -mento -ment
  • 1750–60

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divertimento /dɪˌvɜːtɪˈmɛntəʊ/ n ( pl -ti / -tɪ/)
  1. a piece of entertaining music in several movements, often scored for a mixed ensemble and having no fixed form
  2. an episode in a fugue
Etymology: 18th Century: from Italian

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