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down•hill /adv. ˈdaʊnˈhɪl; adj., n. -ˌhɪl/USA pronunciation   adv. 
  1. down the slope of a hill;
    downward:She skied downhill quickly.
  2. into a worse condition:Things have gone downhill again.

  1. going downward on or as if on a hill:a downhill trail.
  2. easy;
    free of things that prevent one from finishing:[be + ~]We're halfway; things will be all downhill now.
  3. Sport of or relating to skiing downhill:[before a noun]a downhill skier.

n. [countable]
  1. Sporta timed ski race down a steep trail:He won the gold medal in the men's downhill.Compare slalom.

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down•hill  (adv., adj. dounhil;n. dounhil′),USA pronunciation adv. 
  1. down the slope of a hill;
  2. into a worse or inferior condition:The business has been going downhill.

  1. going or tending downward on or as on a hill.
  2. free of problems or obstacles;
    easy:After the initial setbacks on the project, it was downhill all the way.
  3. Sportof or pertaining to skiing downhill.

  1. Sporta timed ski race on a steep slope in which competitors take the most direct route to the finish line following a course with relatively few turns and attaining very high speeds. Cf.  slalom. 
  • down1 + hill 1585–95

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downhill /ˈdaʊnˈhɪl/ adj
  1. going or sloping down
  1. towards the bottom of a hill; downwards
  2. go downhillinformal to decline; deteriorate
  1. the downward slope of a hill; descent
  2. a competitive event in which skiers are timed in a downhill run

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