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drip /drɪp/USA pronunciation   v.,  dripped, drip•ping, n. 
  1. to let drops fall:[no object]This faucet drips.
  2. to (cause to) fall in drops;
    dribble: [no object]The milk dripped out of the bottle and down her shirt.[+ object]He dripped some water on her face.

  1. an act of dripping:[uncountable]the drip of the rain.
  2. liquid that drips:[uncountable]Wipe the drip of water from your nose.
  3. the sound made by falling drops:[countable;  usually singular]the irritating drip of a faucet.
  4. Slang Termsa boring or colorless person:[countable]a blind date with a real drip.
  5. Medicine[uncountable] the continuous, slow introduction of a fluid into the body, usually into a vein.

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drip  (drip),USA pronunciation v.,  dripped  or dript, drip•ping, n. 
  1. to let drops fall;
    shed drops:This faucet drips.
  2. to fall in drops, as a liquid.

  1. to let fall in drops.

  1. an act of dripping.
  2. liquid that drips.
  3. the sound made by falling drops:the irritating drip of a faucet.
  4. Slang Termsan unattractive, boring, or colorless person.
  5. Building(in house painting) the accumulation of solidified drops of paint at the bottom of a painted surface.
  6. Building, Building, Architecture[Archit., Building Trades.]any device, as a molding, for shedding rain water to keep it from running down a wall, falling onto the sill of an opening, etc.
  7. Buildinga pipe for draining off condensed steam from a radiator, heat exchanger, etc.
  8. MedicineSee  intravenous drip. 
  9. Slang Termsmaudlin sentimentality.
  • bef. 1000; Middle English dryppe, Old English dryppan; compare drop
    • 2.See corresponding entry in Unabridged trickle, dribble, leak, sprinkle, drizzle.

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drip /drɪp/ vb (drips, dripping, dripped)
  1. to fall or let fall in drops
  1. the formation and falling of drops of liquid
  2. the sound made by falling drops
  3. a projection at the front lower edge of a sill or cornice designed to throw water clear of the wall below
  4. informal an inane, insipid person
  5. the usually intravenous drop-by-drop administration of a therapeutic solution, as of salt or sugar
  6. the solution administered
  7. the equipment used to administer a solution in this way
Etymology: Old English dryppan, from dropa drop

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