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e•lu•ci•date /ɪˈlusɪˌdeɪt/USA pronunciation   v. [+ object], -dat•ed, -dat•ing. 
  1. to make clear or understandable, esp. by explaining:The teacher elucidated the difficult passages in the novel.
e•lu•ci•da•tion /ɪˌlusɪˈdeɪʃən/USA pronunciation  n. [uncountable]

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e•lu•ci•date  (i lo̅o̅si dāt′),USA pronunciation v.,  -dat•ed, -dat•ing. 
  1. to make lucid or clear;
    throw light upon;
    explain:an explanation that elucidated his recent strange behavior.

  1. to provide clarification;
e•lu′ci•dation, n. 
e•luci•da′tive, adj. 
e•luci•da′tor, n. 
  • Late Latin ēlūcidātus (past participle of ēlūcidāre) enlightened, equivalent. to ē- e- + lūcid(us) lucid + -ātus -ate1
  • 1560–70
    clarify. See  explain. 

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elucidate /ɪˈluːsɪˌdeɪt/ vb
  1. to make clear (something obscure or difficult); clarify
Etymology: 16th Century: from Late Latin ēlūcidāre to enlighten; see lucid

eˌluciˈdation n eˈluciˌdative, eˈluciˌdatory adj eˈluciˌdator n

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