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empty /ˈɛmptɪ/ adj ( -tier, -tiest)
  1. containing nothing
  2. without inhabitants; vacant or unoccupied
  3. carrying no load, passengers, etc
  4. without purpose, substance, or value: an empty life
  5. insincere or trivial: empty words
  6. not expressive or vital; vacant: she has an empty look
  7. informal hungry
  8. (postpositive) followed by of: devoid; destitute: a life empty of happiness
  9. informal drained of energy or emotion: after the violent argument he felt very empty
  10. (of a set or class) containing no members
vb ( -ties, -tying, -tied)
  1. to make or become empty
  2. when intr, followed by into: to discharge (contents)
  3. (transitive) often followed by of: to unburden or rid (oneself): to empty oneself of emotion
n ( pl -ties)
  1. an empty container, esp a bottle
Etymology: Old English ǣmtig, from æmetta free time, from æ- without + -metta, from mōtan to be obliged to; see must1

ˈemptiable adj ˈemptier n ˈemptily adv ˈemptiness n

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