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en•voy1 /ˈɛnvɔɪ, ˈɑn-/USA pronunciation   n. [countable]
  1. Governmenta diplomatic representative ranking next below an ambassador.
  2. Governmentan official messenger or representative.

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en•voy1  (envoi, än-), 
  1. Governmenta diplomatic agent.
  2. Governmentany accredited messenger or representative.
  3. GovernmentAlso called envoy extraordinary, minister plenipotentiary. a diplomatic agent of the second rank, next in status after an ambassador.
  • Vulgar Latin *inviāre, presumably origin, originally to be on a journey, verb, verbal derivative of Latin in viā on one's way, en route
  • French envoyé envoy, noun, nominal use of past participle of envoyer to send
  • 1635–45
1, 2 . delegate, emissary, deputy.
en•voy2  (envoi, än-), 

    Literature, Poetrya short stanza concluding a poem in certain archaic metrical forms, as a ballade, and serving as a dedication, or a similar postscript to a prose composition.
  • Old French, derivative of envoyer to send; see envoy1
  • Middle English envoye 1350–1400

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envoy /ˈɛnvɔɪ/ n

  1. Formal name: envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary a diplomat of the second class, ranking between an ambassador and a minister resident
  2. an accredited messenger, agent, or representative
Etymology: 17th Century: from French envoyé, literally: sent, from envoyer to send, from Vulgar Latin inviāre (unattested) to send on a journey, from in-² + via road

ˈenvoyship n
envoy, envoi /ˈɛnvɔɪ/ n
  1. a brief dedicatory or explanatory stanza concluding certain forms of poetry, notably ballades
  2. a postscript in other forms of verse or prose
Etymology: 14th Century: from Old French envoye, from envoyer to send; see envoy1

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