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external ear

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external /ɪkˈstɜːnəl/ adj
  1. of, situated on, or suitable for the outside; outer
  2. coming or acting from without
  3. of or involving foreign nations; foreign
  4. of, relating to, or designating a medicine that is applied to the outside of the body
  5. situated on or near the outside of the body
  6. Austral NZ (of a student) studying a university subject extramurally
  7. (of objects, etc) taken to exist independently of a perceiving mind
  1. (often plural) an external circumstance or aspect, esp one that is superficial or inessential
  2. Austral NZ a student taking an extramural subject
Etymology: 15th Century: from Latin externus outward, from exterus on the outside, from ex out of

exˈternally adv

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