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ex•trav•a•gan•za /ɪkˌstrævəˈgænzə/USA pronunciation   n. [countable] , pl.  -zas. 
  1. Show Businessa lavish or elaborate show, production, event, or entertainment.

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ex•trav•a•gan•za  (ik strav′ə ganzə),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Music and Dance, Show Businessa musical or dramatic composition or production, as comic opera or musical comedy, marked by a loose structure, a frivolous theme, and elaborate costuming and staging.
  2. any lavish or opulent show, event, assemblage, etc.:an extravaganza of new housewares on the twelfth floor.
  • alteration of Italian (e)stravaganza extravagance 1745–55

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extravaganza /ɪkˌstrævəˈɡænzə/ n
  1. an elaborately staged and costumed light entertainment
  2. any lavish or fanciful display, literary or other composition, etc
Etymology: 18th Century: from Italian: extravagance

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