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fag1 /fæg/USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Slang Terms[Slang.]a cigarette.
  2. Slang Terms[Slang](disparaging and offensive). a male homosexual.

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fag /fæɡ/ n
  1. informal a boring or wearisome task
  2. Brit (esp formerly) a young public school boy who performs menial chores for an older boy or prefect
vb (fags, fagging, fagged)
  1. when tr, often followed by out: informal to become or cause to become exhausted by hard toil or work
  2. (usually intr) Brit to do or cause to do menial chores in a public school
Etymology: 18th Century: of obscure origin
fag /fæɡ/ n
  1. Brit
    a slang word for cigarette
Etymology: 16th Century (in the sense: something hanging loose, flap): of obscure origin
fag /fæɡ/ n
  1. slang chiefly US Canadian
    short for faggot2

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