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false /fɔːls/ adj
  1. not in accordance with the truth or facts
  2. irregular or invalid: a false start
  3. untruthful or lying: a false account
  4. not genuine, real, or natural; artificial; fake: false eyelashes
  5. being or intended to be misleading or deceptive: a false rumour
  6. disloyal or treacherous: a false friend
  7. based on mistaken or irrelevant ideas or facts: false pride, a false argument
  8. (prenominal) (esp of plants) superficially resembling the species specified: false hellebore
  9. serving to supplement or replace, often temporarily: a false keel
  10. (of a note, interval, etc) out of tune
  1. in a false or dishonest manner (esp in the phrase play (someone) false)
Etymology: Old English fals, from Latin falsus, from fallere to deceive

ˈfalsely adv ˈfalseness n

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