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fan jet

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WordReference Random House Learner's Dictionary of American English © 2015
fan1 /fæn/USA pronunciation n., v., fanned, fan•ning.

n. [countable]
  • a device for producing a current of air by the revolving movement of one or more blades:an electric fan.
  • a flat object of plastic, paper, wood, etc., often in the shape of a triangle or a semicircle, for waving lightly in the hand to create a cooling current of air about the body:a beautiful Chinese fan.

  • v. 
  • [+ object] to move or stir up (the air) with or as if with a fan.
  • [+ object] to cause air to blow upon, such as from a fan:When she fainted we fanned her face.
  • [+ object] to stir to activity; incite:The story fanned the emotions of the voters.
  • to spread out like a fan: [no object]The soldiers fanned out around the enemy.[+ object]The magician fanned the cards expertly.

  • fan2 /fæn/USA pronunciation n. [countable]

      an enthusiastic follower or admirer of a team, sport, celebrity, etc.;
      enthusiast:hockey fans.

    Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

    fan /fæn/ n
    1. any device for creating a current of air by movement of a surface or number of surfaces, esp a rotating device consisting of a number of blades attached to a central hub
    2. any of various hand-agitated devices for cooling onself, esp a collapsible semicircular series of flat segments of paper, ivory, etc
    3. something shaped like such a fan, such as the tail of certain birds
    4. a kind of basket formerly used for winnowing grain
    vb (fans, fanning, fanned)(mainly tr)
    1. to cause a current of air, esp cool air, to blow upon, as by means of a fan: to fan one's face
    2. to agitate or move (air, smoke, etc) with or as if with a fan
    3. to make fiercer, more ardent, etc: fan one's passion
    4. (also intr) often followed by out: to spread out or cause to spread out in the shape of a fan
    5. to winnow (grain) by blowing the chaff away from it
    Etymology: Old English fann, from Latin vannus

    ˈfanlike adj ˈfanner n
    fan /fæn/ n
    1. an ardent admirer of a pop star, film actor, football team, etc
    2. a devotee of a sport, hobby, etc
    Etymology: 17th Century, re-formed C19: from fan( atic)

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