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fe•luc•ca  (fə lukə, -lo̅o̅kə),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Naval Termsa sailing vessel, lateen-rigged on two masts, used in the Mediterranean Sea and along the Spanish and Portuguese coasts.
  2. Naval Termsa small fishing boat formerly used in the San Francisco Bay area.
  • Arabic falūwah small cargo ship
  • Catalan faluga
  • Spanish faluca, earlier variant of falúa, perh.
  • earlier falluca 1620–30

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felucca /fɛˈlʌkə/ n
  1. a narrow lateen-rigged vessel of the Mediterranean
Etymology: 17th Century: from Italian felucca, probably from obsolete Spanish faluca, probably from Arabic fulūk ships, from Greek epholkion small boat, from ephelkein to tow


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