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fewer less than

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Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

few /fjuː/ determiner
  1. a small number of; hardly any: few men are so cruel
  2. (as pronoun; functioning as plural): many are called but few are chosen
  3. (preceded by a) a small number of: a few drinks
  4. (as pronoun; functioning as plural): a few of you
  5. a good fewinformal several
  6. few and far betweenat great intervals; widely spaced
  7. not abundant; scarce
  8. not a few, quite a fewinformal several
  1. the fewa small number of people considered as a class: the few who fell at Thermopylae
Etymology: Old English fēawa; related to Old High German fao little, Old Norse fār little, silent

ˈfewness n USAGE

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