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fib•u•la  (fibyə lə),USA pronunciation n., pl.  -lae (-lē′),USA pronunciation  -las. 
  1. Anatomythe outer and thinner of the two bones of the human leg, extending from the knee to the ankle. See diag. under  skeleton. 
  2. Zoologya corresponding bone, often rudimentary or ankylosed with the tibia, of the leg or hind limb of an animal.
  3. Jewelrya clasp or brooch, often ornamented, used by the ancient Greeks and Romans.
fibu•lar, adj. 
  • *fīvibula, equivalent. to fīv(ere), early form of fīgere to fasten, fix + -i- -i- + -bula suffix denoting instrument; the bone so called from its resemblance to the tongue of a clasp
  • Neo-Latin; Latin fībula bolt, pin, clasp, probably
  • 1665–75

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fibula /ˈfɪbjʊlə/ n ( pl -lae / -ˌliː/, -las)
  1. the outer and thinner of the two bones between the knee and ankle of the human leg
    Compare tibia
  2. the corresponding bone in other vertebrates
  3. a metal brooch resembling a safety pin, often highly decorated, common in Europe after 1300 bc
Etymology: 17th Century: from Latin: clasp, probably from fīgere to fasten

ˈfibular adj

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