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fief  (fēf ),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. World Historya fee or feud held of a feudal lord;
    a tenure of land subject to feudal obligations.
  2. World Historya territory held in fee.
  3. World Historyfiefdom.
  • Gmc; compare Old High German fihu, Old English feoh cattle, property; akin to Latin pecū flock of sheep, pecus cattle, pecūnia wealth
  • French, variant of Old French fieu, fie, cognate with Anglo-French fe fee
  • 1605–15

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fief, feoff /fiːf/ n
  1. (in feudal Europe) the property or fee granted to a vassal for his maintenance by his lord in return for service
Etymology: 17th Century: from Old French fie, of Germanic origin; compare Old English fēo cattle, money, Latin pecus cattle, pecūnia money, Greek pokos fleece

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