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flèche  (flāsh; Fr. flesh),USA pronunciation n., pl.  flè•ches 
    (flāshiz; Fr. flesh).USA pronunciation 
  1. Architecturea steeple or spire, esp. one in the Gothic style, emerging from the ridge of a roof.
  2. [Fort.]a fieldwork consisting of two faces forming a salient angle with an open gorge.
  3. Sport[Fencing.]a method of attack with saber or épée in which the attacker leaves from the rear foot and advances rapidly toward the opponent.
  • Gmc. Cf. fly1
  • French: literally, arrow, probably
  • 1700–10

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flèche /fleɪʃ; flɛʃ/ n

  1. Also called: spirelet a slender spire, esp over the intersection of the nave and transept ridges of a church roof
Etymology: 18th Century: from French: spire (literally: arrow), probably of Germanic origin; related to Middle Low German flieke long arrow

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