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flan  (flan, flän; for 1 also Sp. flän;
for 2 also Fr. flän),USA pronunciation
 n., pl.  flans (flanz, flänz; for 2 also Fr. flän);
USA pronunciation
 [Sp.] fla•nes 
    (flänes)USA pronunciation for 1.
    1. Food[Spanish Cookery.]a dessert of sweetened egg custard with a caramel topping.
    2. Foodan open, tartlike pastry, the shell of which is baked in a bottomless band of metal(flan ring) on a baking sheet, removed from the ring and filled with custard, cream, fruit, etc.
    3. Currencya piece of metal shaped ready to form a coin, but not yet stamped by the die.
    4. Currencythe metal of which a coin is made, as distinct from its design.
    • Gmc; compare Old High German flado (German Fladen) flat cake
    • Late Latin fladōn-, stem of fladō
    • French; Old French flaon
    • 1840–50

Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

flan /flæn/ n
  1. an open pastry or sponge tart filled with fruit or a savoury mixture
  2. a piece of metal ready to receive the die or stamp in the production of coins; shaped blank; planchet
Etymology: 19th Century: from French, from Old French flaon, from Late Latin fladō flat cake, of Germanic origin

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