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flange /flændʒ/USA pronunciation   n. [countable]
  1. Mechanical Engineeringa projecting rim, collar, or ridge such as on a shaft, pipe, machine housing, etc., to give strength or support:The flange of a train wheel keeps the wheel on the track.

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flange  (flanj),USA pronunciation n., v.,  flanged, flang•ing. 
  1. Mechanical Engineeringa projecting rim, collar, or ring on a shaft, pipe, machine housing, etc., cast or formed to give additional strength, stiffness, or supporting area, or to provide a place for the attachment of other objects.
  2. Mechanical Engineeringa broad ridge or pair of ridges projecting from the edge of a rolled metal shape generally at right angles, in order to strengthen or stiffen it.
  3. Mechanical Engineeringa ring or collar, usually provided with holes for bolts, and screwed or welded over the end of a tube or pipe to permit other objects to be attached to it.
  4. Building(in plumbing) a plate or flat ring bolted to the flange at the end of a length of pipe to close the end or to connect it with the flange of another such length:blind flange; spectacle flange.

  1. Mechanical Engineeringto project like, or take the form of, a flange.
flangeless, adj. 
flanger, n. 
  • Middle French flanche, feminine of flanc flank
  • late Middle English flaunche side charge (on shield face) 1425–75

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flange /flændʒ/ n
  1. a projecting disc-shaped collar or rim on an object for locating or strengthening it or for attaching it to another object
  2. a flat outer face of a rolled-steel joist, esp of an I- or H-beam
  1. (transitive) to attach or provide (a component) with a flange
Etymology: 17th Century: probably changed from earlier flaunche curved segment at side of a heraldic field, from French flanc flank

flanged adj ˈflangeless adj

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