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flange /flændʒ/USA pronunciation n. [countable]

    Mechanical Engineeringa projecting rim, collar, or ridge such as on a shaft, pipe, machine housing, etc., to give strength or support:The flange of a train wheel keeps the wheel on the track.

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flange /flændʒ/ n
  1. a projecting disc-shaped collar or rim on an object for locating or strengthening it or for attaching it to another object
  2. a flat outer face of a rolled-steel joist, esp of an I- or H-beam
  1. (transitive) to attach or provide (a component) with a flange
Etymology: 17th Century: probably changed from earlier flaunche curved segment at side of a heraldic field, from French flanc flank

flanged adj ˈflangeless adj

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