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flat•foot /ˈflætˌfʊt or, for1, -ˈfʊt/USA pronunciation n., pl. -feetfor1,-footsfor2,3.
    • [uncountable] a condition in which the arch of the foot is flattened so that the entire sole rests upon the ground.
    • [countable]Also,ˈflat ˈfoot. a foot with such an arch.
  1. Slang Terms[countable][Slang.]a police officer.

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flatfoot /ˈflætˌfʊt/ n

  1. Also called: splayfoot a condition in which the entire sole of the foot is able to touch the ground because of flattening of the instep arch
  2. ( pl -foots, -feet)
    a slang word (usually derogatory) for a policeman

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