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fore1 /fɔr/USA pronunciation adj. [before a noun]
  1. situated in front:the fore part of a boat.

  • Nautical, Naval Termsat or toward the front of a vessel;

  • n. [countable;
    usually singular]
  • the forepart of anything;
  • idiom
    1. Idioms, Naval Termsfore and aft, in, at, or to both ends of a ship.
    to the fore: 
    • into a conspicuous place or position.

    fore2 /fɔr/USA pronunciation interj. 

      Sport(used as a cry of warning by a golfer to persons in danger of being struck by a ball in flight).

    fore-, prefix.  fore- is attached to nouns and means:
    • before (in space, time, condition, etc.):fore- + -cast → forecast (= prediction before weather comes); fore- + taste → foretaste (= a taste before the event takes place);
      fore- + warn → forewarn (= to warn ahead of time).
    • front:fore- + head → forehead (= front of the head).
    • preceding:fore- + father → forefather (= father that came before).
    • superior:fore- + man → foreman (= superior to the other workers).

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    fore /fɔː/ adj
    1. (usually in combination) located at, in, or towards the front: the forelegs of a horse
    1. the front part
    2. something located at, in, or towards the front
    3. fore and aftlocated at or directed towards both ends of a vessel: a fore-and-aft rig
    4. to the foreto or into the front or conspicuous position
    1. at or towards a ship's bow
    2. obsolete before
    prep , conj
    1. a less common word for before
    Etymology: Old English; related to Old Saxon, Old High German fora, Gothic faura, Greek para, Sanskrit pura
    fore /fɔː/ interj
    1. (in golf) a warning shout made by a player about to make a shot
    Etymology: 19th Century: probably short for before

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