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fore /fɔː/ adj
  1. (usually in combination) located at, in, or towards the front: the forelegs of a horse
  1. the front part
  2. something located at, in, or towards the front
  3. fore and aftlocated at or directed towards both ends of a vessel: a fore-and-aft rig
  4. to the foreto or into the front or conspicuous position
  1. at or towards a ship's bow
  2. obsolete before
prep , conj
  1. a less common word for before
Etymology: Old English; related to Old Saxon, Old High German fora, Gothic faura, Greek para, Sanskrit pura
fore /fɔː/ interj
  1. (in golf) a warning shout made by a player about to make a shot
Etymology: 19th Century: probably short for before

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