For the verb: "to fight"

Simple Past: fought
Past Participle: fought

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fought /fɔt/USA pronunciation  v. 
    pt. and pp. of fight.fight

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fought /fɔːt/ vb
  1. the past tense and past participle of fight

fight /faɪt/ vb (fights, fighting, fought)
  1. to oppose or struggle against (an enemy) in battle
  2. to oppose or struggle against (a person, thing, cause, etc) in any manner
  3. (transitive) to engage in or carry on (a battle, contest, etc)
  4. when intr often followed by for: to uphold or maintain (a cause, ideal, etc) by fighting or struggling: to fight for freedom
  5. (transitive) to make or achieve (a way) by fighting
  6. to engage (another or others) in combat
  7. fight it outto contend or struggle until a decisive result is obtained
  8. fight shy ofto keep aloof from
  1. a battle, struggle, or physical combat
  2. a quarrel, dispute, or contest
  3. resistance (esp in the phrase to put up a fight)
  4. a boxing match

See also fight offEtymology: Old English feohtan; related to Old Frisian fiuchta, Old Saxon, Old High German fehtan to fight

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