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foul /faʊl/ adj
  1. offensive to the senses; revolting
  2. offensive in odour; stinking
  3. charged with or full of dirt or offensive matter; filthy
  4. (of food) putrid; rotten
  5. morally or spiritually offensive; wicked; vile
  6. obscene; vulgar: foul language
  7. (esp of weather) unpleasant or adverse
  8. blocked or obstructed with dirt or foreign matter: a foul drain
  9. (of the bottom of a vessel) covered with barnacles and other growth that slow forward motion
  10. informal unsatisfactory or uninteresting; bad: a foul book
  1. a violation of the rules
  2. (as modifier): a foul shot, a foul blow
  3. an entanglement or collision, esp in sailing or fishing
  1. to make or become dirty or polluted
  2. to become or cause to become entangled or snarled
  3. (transitive) to disgrace or dishonour
  4. to become or cause to become clogged or choked
  5. (transitive) (of underwater growth) to cling to (the bottom of a vessel) so as to slow its motion
  6. (transitive) to commit a foul against (an opponent)
  7. (intransitive) to infringe the rules
  8. to collide with (a boat, etc)
  1. in a foul or unfair manner
  2. fall foul ofto come into conflict with
  3. to come into collision with
Etymology: Old English fūl; related to Old Norse fūll, Gothic fūls smelling offensively, Latin pūs pus, Greek puol pus

ˈfoully adv

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