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frost /frɔst, frɑst/USA pronunciation  n. 
  1. a degree or state of coldness that is enough to cause the freezing of water: [uncountable]expecting frost tonight over most of the region.[countable]A slight frost will kill this plant.
  2. [uncountable] a covering of tiny ice crystals, formed from the atmosphere at night upon the ground when cooled below the dew point.

  1. to (cause to) become covered with frost: [ no obj; ~ + up/over]:The high school track frosted over last night.[~ ( + up/over) + object]The cold weather frosted up the track last night.
  2. [+ object] to give a frostlike surface to (glass, metal, etc.).
  3. [+ object] to cover or decorate with frosting:to frost a cake.
  4. [+ object] to bleach some strands of (a person's hair).

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frost /frɒst/ n
  1. a white deposit of ice particles, esp one formed on objects out of doors at night
  2. an atmospheric temperature of below freezing point, characterized by the production of this deposit
  3. degrees below freezing point: eight degrees of frost indicates a temperature of either –8°C or 24°F
  4. informal something given a cold reception; failure
  5. informal coolness of manner
  6. the act of freezing
  1. to cover or be covered with frost
  2. (transitive) to give a frostlike appearance to (glass, etc), as by means of a fine-grained surface
  3. (transitive) chiefly US Canadian to decorate (cakes, etc) with icing or frosting
  4. (transitive) to kill or damage (crops, etc) with frost
Etymology: Old English frost; related to Old Norse, Old Saxon, Old High German frost; see freeze

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