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game1 /geɪm/USA pronunciation n., adj., gam•er, gam•est.

  • Games[countable] an amusement or pastime:children's games; card games.
  • Games[countable] the equipment for a game:Clean up the games from the floor.
  • Games[countable] an activity in which players compete against others, involving skill, chance, or endurance and played according to a set of rules for the amusement of the players or of spectators.
  • Games[countable] a single occasion of such an activity:a hockey game.
  • Games[uncountable] the number of points required to win a game:Game in table tennis is normally 21 points.
  • Games[countable] the score at a particular stage in a game:The game was seven to six at that point.
  • Games[countable] a particular manner or style of playing a game:He plays a fierce game.
  • [countable] something resembling a game, as in requiring skill or endurance:the game of diplomacy.
  • Informal Terms[countable][Informal.]a business or professional activity:He's in the real-estate game.
  • [countable] a trick or strategy:We saw through his game.
  • [countable] fun; sport;
    joke:We have no time for your games.
  • [uncountable] wild animals, including birds and fishes, such as are hunted for food or for sport or profit.
  • [uncountable] the flesh of such wild animals, used as food.
  • [uncountable] any object of pursuit, attack, abuse, etc.:Any new student is fair game for the school bully.

  • adj. 
  • [before a noun] relating to animals viewed as game:game laws.
  • having a fighting spirit; plucky:a game fighter.
  • Informal Terms[be + ~] having the required spirit or will: [+ for]Who's game for a hike?[+ to + verb]I'm game to try anything.
  • idiom
    1. Idiomsgive the game away, to reveal the truth about something.
    2. Idiomsplay games, to treat others manipulatively:Stop playing games and tell us what you really want.
    3. Idiomsplay the game, to act in accordance with rules, conventions, or standards.

    game•ly, adv.: The army fought gamely.
    game•ness, n. [uncountable]

    game2 /geɪm/USA pronunciation adj. [before a noun]

      lame:a game leg.

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    game /ɡeɪm/ n
    1. an amusement or pastime; diversion
    2. a contest with rules, the result being determined by skill, strength, or chance
    3. a single period of play in such a contest, sport, etc
    4. the score needed to win a contest
    5. a single contest in a series; match
    6. (plural; often capital) an event consisting of various sporting contests, esp in athletics: Olympic Games, Highland Games
    7. equipment needed for playing certain games
    8. short for computer game
    9. style or ability in playing a game: he is a keen player but his game is not good
    10. a scheme, proceeding, etc, practised like a game: the game of politics
    11. an activity undertaken in a spirit of levity; joke: marriage is just a game to him
    12. wild animals, including birds and fish, hunted for sport, food, or profit
    13. (as modifier): game laws
    14. the flesh of such animals, used as food: generally taken not to include fish
    15. an object of pursuit; quarry; prey (esp in the phrase fair game)
    16. informal work or occupation
    17. informal a trick, strategy, or device: I can see through your little game
    18. obsolete pluck or courage; bravery
    19. slang chiefly Brit prostitution (esp in the phrase on the game)
    20. give the game awayto reveal one's intentions or a secret
    21. make game of, make a game ofto make fun of; ridicule; mock
    22. off one's gameplaying badly
    23. on one's gameplaying well
    24. play the gameto behave fairly or in accordance with rules
    25. the game is upthere is no longer a chance of success
    1. informal full of fighting spirit; plucky; brave
    2. game as Ned Kelly, as game as Ned KellyAustral informal extremely brave; indomitable
    3. (usually followed by for) informal prepared or ready; willing: I'm game for a try
    1. (intransitive) to play games of chance for money, stakes, etc; gamble
    Etymology: Old English gamen; related to Old Norse gaman, Old High German gaman amusement

    ˈgameˌlike adj
    game /ɡeɪm/ adj
    1. a less common word for lame: game leg
    Etymology: 18th Century: probably from Irish cam crooked

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