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garden /ˈɡɑːdən/ n
  1. Brit an area of land, usually planted with grass, trees, flowerbeds, etc, adjoining a house
    US and Canadian word: yard
  2. (as modifier): a garden chair
  3. an area of land used for the cultivation of ornamental plants, herbs, fruit, vegetables, trees, etc
  4. (as modifier): garden tools
    Related adjective(s): horticultural
  5. (often plural) such an area of land that is open to the public, sometimes part of a park: botanical gardens
  6. a fertile and beautiful region
  7. (as modifier): a garden paradise
  8. (modifier) provided with or surrounded by a garden or gardens: a garden flat
  9. lead a person up the garden pathinformal to mislead or deceive a person
  1. common or gardeninformal ordinary; unexceptional
  1. to work in, cultivate, or take care of (a garden, plot of land, etc)
Etymology: 14th Century: from Old French gardin, of Germanic origin; compare Old High German gart enclosure; see yard² (sense 1)

ˈgardenless adj ˈgarden-ˌlike adj

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