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gin1 /dʒɪn/USA pronunciation n. 

    Winea clear, colorless alcoholic liquor distilled with juniper berries and other flavorings: [uncountable]bought some gin.[countable]bought a gin and tonic.

gin4 /dʒɪn/USA pronunciation n. [uncountable]
  1. GamesAlso called gin rummy. a card game, a variety of rummy for two players.
  2. Gamesa hand in this game in which the cards are matched in sets, winning extra points.

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gin /dʒɪn/ n
  1. an alcoholic drink obtained by distillation and rectification of the grain of malted barley, rye, or maize, flavoured with juniper berries
Etymology: 18th Century: shortened from Dutch genever juniper, via Old French from Latin jūniperus juniper
gin /dʒɪn/ n
  1. a primitive engine in which a vertical shaft is turned by horses driving a horizontal beam or yoke in a circle
  2. Also called: cotton gin a machine of this type used for separating seeds from raw cotton
  3. a trap for catching small mammals, consisting of a noose of thin strong wire
vb (gins, ginning, ginned)(transitive)
  1. to free (cotton) of seeds with a gin
  2. to trap or snare (game) with a gin
Etymology: 13th Century gyn, shortened from engine
gin /ɡɪn/ vb (gins, ginning, gan, gun)
  1. an archaic word for begin
gin /dʒɪn/ n
  1. Austral offensive slang an Aboriginal woman
Etymology: 19th Century: from a native Australian language

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