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glitch /glɪtʃ/USA pronunciation   n. [countable]
  1. [Informal.]a minor defect or malfunction:A computer glitch forced the spaceflight cancellation.
  2. Electricitya sudden interruption or surge in electric power.

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glitch  (glich),USA pronunciation [Slang.]
  1. a defect or malfunction in a machine or plan.
  2. Computingany error, malfunction, or problem. Cf. bug1 (def. 5).
  3. Electricitya brief or sudden interruption or surge in voltage in an electric circuit.

  1. to cause a glitch in:an accident that glitched our plans.
perh. Yiddish glitsh slippery area;
cf. glitshn, G glitschen to slip, slide]

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glitch /ɡlɪtʃ/ n
  1. a sudden instance of malfunctioning or irregularity in an electronic system
  2. a change in the rotation rate of a pulsar
Etymology: 20th Century: of unknown origin

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