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got & gotten

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got /gɑt/USA pronunciation  v. 
  1. a pt. and pp. of get.get
  2. [+ object][Informal.]have got;
    have:I got a bad cold.

auxiliary verb. [+ to + verb]
  1. [Informal.]must; have got:We got to get out of here.

Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

got /ɡɒt/ vb
  1. the past tense and past participle of get
  2. have gotto possess
  3. (takes an infinitive) used as an auxiliary to express compulsion felt to be imposed by or upon the speaker: I've got to get a new coat

get /ɡɛt/ vb (gets, getting, got /ɡɒt/, got) ( esp US gotten)(mainly tr)
  1. to come into possession of; receive or earn
  2. to bring or fetch
  3. to contract or be affected by: he got a chill at the picnic
  4. to capture or seize: the police finally got him
  5. (also intr) to become or cause to become or act as specified: to get a window open, get one's hair cut, get wet
  6. (intr; followed by a preposition or adverbial particle) to succeed in going, coming, leaving, etc: get off the bus
  7. (takes an infinitive) to manage or contrive: how did you get to be captain?
  8. to make ready or prepare: to get a meal
  9. to hear, notice, or understand: I didn't get your meaning
  10. US Canadian informal to learn or master by study
  11. (intransitive) often followed by to: to come (to) or arrive (at): we got home safely, to get to London
  12. to catch or enter: to get a train
  13. to induce or persuade: get him to leave at once
  14. to reach by calculation: add 2 and 2 and you will get 4
  15. to receive (a broadcast signal)
  16. to communicate with (a person or place), as by telephone
  17. (also intr) followed by to: informal to have an emotional effect (on): that music really gets me
  18. informal to annoy or irritate: her high voice gets me
  19. informal to bring a person into a difficult position from which he or she cannot escape
  20. informal to puzzle; baffle
  21. informal to hit: the blow got him in the back
  22. informal to be revenged on, esp by killing
  23. informal to have the better of: your extravagant habits will get you in the end
  24. (intr; followed by present participle) informal to begin: get moving
  25. (used as a command) informal go! leave now!
  26. archaic to beget or conceive
  27. get with childarchaic to make pregnant
  1. rare the act of begetting
  2. rare something begotten; offspring
  3. Brit slang
    a variant of git

See also get about, get across, get at, get away, get back, get by, get in, get off, get on, get out, get over, get round, get through, get-together, get up, got, gottenEtymology: Old English gietan; related to Old Norse geta to get, learn, Old High German bigezzan to obtain

ˈgetable, ˈgettable adj USAGE
The use of off after get as in I got this chair off an antique dealer is acceptable in conversation, but should not be used in formal writing

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