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grid•i•ron /ˈgrɪdˌaɪɚn/USA pronunciation  n. [countable]
  1. a football field.
  2. a utensil consisting of parallel metal bars on which to broil meat or other food.
  3. any framework or network resembling a gridiron.

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gridiron /ˈɡrɪdˌaɪən/ n
  1. a utensil of parallel metal bars, used to grill meat, fish, etc
  2. any framework resembling this utensil
  3. a framework above the stage in a theatre from which suspended scenery, lights, etc, are manipulated
  4. the field of play in American football
  5. an informal name for American football

Often shortened to: grid Etymology: 13th Century gredire, perhaps variant (through influence of ire iron) of gredile griddle

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